Is my own dark fortress for thoughts, designs, images and of course ... book covers. I specialize in dark, macabre, horror book covers but that does not mean I'd be opposed to other projects. If you have a question, please ask. I only bite after dark.

Let's get the price question out of the way so there is no awardness or question of affordability. I take all payments through PayPal. If I don't already know you, there is a contract that must be scanned and signed, then returned. No electronic signatures, please and thank you.

The following rates are to be used as a guideline only. First time clients will receive 30% off the regular rates. Taxes are included in the price.

Book Cover (paperback only): Starts at $250
Book Cover (Ebook only): Starts at $150
Book Cover (Paperback + Ebook): Starts at $350
Book Cover (Paperback + Ebook + Hard Cover): Starts at $475
Custom Logos start at $500

I offer special pricing for networking, multiple covers, and more. For special pricing discounts, please contact me.

Add one of my buttons to your website and I'll take $20 off your total price (before taxes)